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Quality principles:


Taking customer satisfaction as the purpose and quality management as the foundation;

Taking the site control as the core and the advanced level as the target.

Quality objectives:


The qualified rate of batches inspected of the parts procured into the factory shall be above 99%;

The qualified rate of one-time inspection of products shall be above 95%;

The annual customer satisfaction rate shall be above 88%.

Service concept:


Do all for the customers’ sake;

Do all what the customer expect;

Do for all the customers

Enterprise mission:


Creating value for customers;

Increasing welfare for employees;

Creating wealth for society

People-oriented, serving diligently


Enterprise management should take people as the core, do all for employees, show all respect to employees, rely on employees, strive to develop the potential of employees, stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, improve the quality of employees, and realize the all-round development of employees, so as to help the development of the enterprise with the development of people, promote the development of people with the development of the enterprise, and build a modern enterprise with strong cohesion and centripetal force.

Customers’ satisfaction is our goal, but first of all, we need to have employees satisfied, then they can serve customers well and have customers satisfied and the satisfied customers can bring long-term and rich benefits to the enterprise.

Company vision

1、Core talent view

Being willing to cooperate, daring to undertake, being good at learning and brave in innovation.


Qixing Technology has its own understanding of selection, use and training of talents. We need a professional team with passion and positive attitude. The enterprise provides a harmonious and free stage for talents, and show all talents’ ability to the fullest. Therefore, our team should be an elite who is willing to cooperate, dare to undertake, be good at learning and be brave in innovation.



2、Core interpersonal view

Being simple and sincere, loving each other and being harmonious.


Qixing Technology requires that the interpersonal relationship between employees should not be complicated. The more complicated, the more entangled; the more complicated, the less efficient; Our interpersonal relationship should be sincere and harmonious. Mutual love, mutual assistance and mutual respect are our interpersonal principles.



3、Core concept of the company 

The Company’s Expectation: Through persistent efforts, the Company will gradually develop from a leading domestic enterprise to an international first-class enterprise with large scale, good efficiency and high brand awareness.


Core Value: Qixing is not only an enterprise, but also a cause.


Core Competitiveness: having independent technology, persisting in innovation, keeping close to the market, winning by high-quality products and fighting in teams.


Cultural Character: "Sea Culture" is the cultural character of Qixing.


Business Philosophy: Four Innovations: Concept innovation, technology innovation, management innovation and service innovation.


Management Philosophy: "Be people-oriented, treasure harmony, and let efficiency come first".


Service Concept:

Technology-based, product-rooted and service-oriented

Service is detail and service is speed.

"Five-mind level" Service Concept: Sincere mind, careful mind, caring mind, worry-free mind and reassured mind

Core value concept


The company’s mission

1、Mission to the industry: Research and development through integrating industry technology, standardizing technical standards of the industry, improving the quality of equipment and products, and set the service benchmarks of the industry.


2、Mission to the society: Serving the society, benefiting the local communities, feeding back to the public, being enthusiastic about public welfare and protecting the environment.


3、Mission to employees: Sharing the success of the enterprise and achieve self-worth.


4、Mission to customers: Creating values for customers with technology, products and services to get customers’ satisfaction, trust and loyalty.


5、Mission to partners: Helping partners obtain sustainable benefits and achieve multi-win and value sharing.

Core values

The Core Values are the basic value orientation followed by Qixing and the core principles guiding employees' actions.

Core Values of Qixing: Qixing is not only an enterprise, but also a cause.


Value creation of jiesheng

Technology First → Quality Assurance → Service Guarantee → Brand Promotion



Core competitiveness

Having independent technology, insisting on innovation, keeping close to the market, wining by high-quality products, and fighting in teams.


Qixing culture character

"Sea Culture" is the cultural character of Qixing.

Mind: As vast as the sea (How wide your mind is, so wide your career will be).

Vision: As high as a lighthouse (The higher you climb, the farther you can see. And you can handle complicated matters with ease).

Thinking: Galloping like a sail with wind (Thinking ahead and having innovative ideas).

Moral character: As noble as the sea (Don’t dispute of the benefits but be open and sincere).

Action program of Qixing

Be people oriented, treasure harmony and let efficiency come first.

Action quickly! Speed determines success or failure.


Brand commitment

Faster, more comprehensive, better and more economical; Resource optimization, benefit maximization, competition, cooperation and all-win.


Management philosophy

Management Principle: Service first, team work; Communication first, implementation guarantee.


Service philosophy

"Five-mind Level" Service Concept: Sincere mind, careful mind, caring mind, worry-free mind and reassured mind



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