Our company has a specialized technical research and development department and professional talents.
Research and development
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R&D center

Feasibility analysis

Market research report;

Feasibility analysis report;

Production capacity analysis;

Report on economic benefit analysis of new products;

Product risk analysis and preventive measures table;

Analysis of historical quality problems;

Development fund forecast table.

Development phase

Application form for process project development;

Product development task book;

Table of members and responsibilities of horizontal functional team;

APQP development plan of advance planning of product development;

Reliability and quality objectives of product design and development;

List of product initial material;

Product process flow chart;

Special characteristics of products and processes;

Product assurance plan;

Product accounting sheet and quotation sheet.

Mold opening stage

Mould agreement;

Mould schedule;

Mould acceptance sheet;

Process flow chart;

Development cost contract;

Manufacturing part approval procedure (PPAP);

Control card;

Inspection card.

Specimen stage

Operation instruction;

Packaging operation instruction;

Record form of forming conditions of the trial mould;

Process chart.

Trial production stage

Product confirmation form

Incoming material quality control report

Mass production phase

Sales and promotion

Project validation