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——Connector with double bolt type terminal, insert the cable(metal part) to the terminal, screw up the first bolt, and then loosen the cable conductor.,it can be windmilling. This standard of design is easy for assemble, also safe and reliable.


——Customer can choice different model of connection for different poles by they like. They can connect either with the cable core wire cap import or without. Flexible choosing without safety loophole. Economic and functional design to satisfactory each customer.

Teminal block can be in series connection.
Big space for wiring.
No cable hole at the top and bottom.
16A,32A,63AConnector use the soft contact technology.
Superior insertionand retention performance
Superion mechanical properties and electrical properties
125A contact use torsion spring contact to reduce friction force when insert and pull devices,can automatically self-and performance superior electrical and mechanical characteristic.
Socket teminal housing high-temperature resistant
The diameter of cable for 63A is 36.5mm 125A is 50mm
The terminal of 125A are torsion terminal
Can be inserted with big diameter cable
Without cable wiring cap
Contact pressure equalization
Excellent conductive properties
Excellent contact,loosen the tall bolts to install easily
Mechanical interlock device on cover for 16A 32A 63A 125Aproducts
Compact design
Cable entry hole from Side and bottom
High quality DIN rail mounted type isolayor switch
Maintenance free mechanical interlock device
IP44 and IP67 protection degree
Artculated cover prevent dust and water