Mobile Power Socket Box
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  • ·Product Model:QCXY-0301
  • ·Product Type:Mobile Power Socket Box
  • ·Standards:Conform to European/International Standards EN/IEC 60309-2
  • ·Protection Ratings:
  • ·Qualifications:CE CB CCC
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product model
Product details

 MODEL:QCXY-0301 Side   A

100A/3P RCCB1Pc

63A/5P Panel

Mounted SocketIP671Pcs

 MODEL:QCXY-0301 Side B

60A/3P MCB2Pcs


Mounted Socket1Pcs

32A/4P (Straight)Panel

Mounted 1Pcs

32A/5P (Straight)Panel


MODEL:QCXY-0301 Side C    

16A/1P MCB 2Pc


Mounted SocketIP442Pc


 MODEL:QCXY-0301 Side D 

32A/2P MCB2Pc

16A/1P MCB1Pc


SCHUKO Socket IP445Pcs

  Our product have pass lots type of test, whatever in TEMPERATURE-RISE TEST, CTI/PTI TEST, GLOW WIRE TEST, INSPERTION AND EXTRACTION FORCE TEST, SAND AND UST TEST and the other test, our product performance are over the standards and other brands’ product.

Temperature-Rist Test:
When we design the product, the first thing we need to do is make sure that our product can  work in tated current for a long time. To keep the high quality, we use the experimental apparatus which can test the temperture-risk, product life, and mechanical property together for finsh the test more fast and widely.
  When we were designing the product, we not only need to considering the metal part, but also for the plasic part. CTI/PTI is a very improtant test for testing the plastic. We only chose the raw material which can pass the CTI/PTI test to keep our product have high insulativity and safety.
Sand Dust Test:
  The operational environment is the first problem we considered when we design the product. We need to make sure that our product can be used over the world. So we need to evaluate the flexible condition of environment for store, deliver, and use in dry-sands or abound with lots of dusts.
  The sand dust test adopted the manual simulation of  sand & dust conditions. So we can ensure that whether they had long-term usage in al kinds of harsh natural environments
Rainfall Test: 
As we know, whatever the product , product can inordinately influence with all kinds of liquids, whatever they in operative or storage. It has varying effects on their raw materials and features and even can damage the structures when they are permeated. 
Rainfall test can exam the product outside case’s stabilities and reliabilities of against the liquid.
Insertion and Extraction Force Test: 
We need to make sure the variable temperature at first when we design the product. Base on the variable temperature, we try to do the best feeling of inspection and extraction force.
  The target of insection and extraction force test is translate the nastic feeling to the exactly data, base on the data, we can provide the information for design, improve, and inspect the product.

High And Low Temperature Test: 
  There are many type of nature environment and precipitating environment in the world, and hundreds of environment factor can effect the life of electrical equipment, especially for the temperature.
In the high temperature or low temperature condition, we can exam the product physical performance by the simulation. After the exam, we can judge the how is the performance of product by inspection.
Glow Wire Test: 
  Decrease the risk of risk fire disaster is necessary. The electrical equipment case more and more fire disaster in the modern life. The component of electrical equipment may be fire because overload or bad contact.
  The glow wire test is use the simulation to know the risk of fire when the component is overload or glow in short time.
Our company focus on bringing in advanced technology and equipment, which adheres to the ISO9001:2000 international quality system,quality certification.To be a export-oriented enterprises, QIXING also get international agencies of Product Certification in the following relevant fields: CB , CE , CCC , TUV , GS , SEMKO , ROHS. We are continuing to introduce high-level technical and business management talents, gradually gain first-class production technology. Company is specialized in industrial plugs, sockets, coupler(connector)and so on.
All our products not only have the merits of dust-proof,waterproof,Corrosion-Proof and heat-resistant,UV-stop and so on,but also easy to plug-in and stable to connect. Completely replace the electrical plug and socket of the new patch devices, deeply accept by domestic and overseas customer.They are widely used in Ironmaking and Steelmaking,Petroleum Chemical Industry, Electricity, Electronics, railway, Construction Site, Airports, mine, post-mining land, water treatment plant and port, Pier, market, hotel. They are also a great new generation of ideal power supply of Plug-in device and used in power apparatus bring in from abroad,Connecting support and servicing installation. 
Our products command a good market both at mainland and abroad, exports to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions. They are served as the basis for approvals by local customers.
Provide different series products for different environment
Resistance to bad weather and ageing
Good space stability and accuracy
Good resistance to acid and alkali
Effectively prevent power outages and leakage