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CEO Speech
Welcome to Qixing electrical site, on behalf of Qixing to give you my heartfelt thanks! Hoping you pass this site to learn more about Qixing. Qixing Electric is a professional manufacturer which specially produce industrial plugs and sockets, Multi-outlet boxes, distribution boxes, switch boxes and other power distribution products R&D and manufacturing, the company holds integrity and trustworthiness of business purposes, rigorous and self-discipline work-style, the rapid development of good performance. Through the establishment of various forms of corporate strategic partner system to expand the business scale and market scale, and finally to corporate resources in the most optimal configuration, create greater wealth.Maximize the value of the enterprise community.
We face
is a new era, opportunities and challenges,hope and difficulty coexist in the same, we will seize the opportunity to challenge ourselves, overcome the difficulties to the success
What we desire
is that the loyalty of the employees to the company, devotion to the cause of business development, with good professional ethics and values, thus promoting rapid and sustainable development of enterprises!
What we implement
is a harmonious corporate culture environment and good career development space, efficient management and operation mechanisms and incentives for successful and compliment!
What we focus
is the "science for development", the "management for efficiency", "service for the credibility of" the quality policy, adhere to the "honest, find the letter" business philosophy to "create top quality, with first-class service" the subject of corporate culture, and strive to create a high-quality staff.